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SPACE RENAISSANCE INTERNATIONAL-USA is dedicated to supporting, advocating for and promoting the exploration and peaceful development of extraterrestrial space to expand the human realm into a solar civilization, as well as all the technological and social “renaissance” that enables the process. The future human occupation and use of interplanetary space promises not only to enhance life on this planet but also generates economic and other opportunities to those that dare live elsewhere. Our motto is “USA to the Stars!”
Venturing beyond Earth to take advantage of the infinite resources of space offers the surest means to face the serious threats our planet faces, including that of 7 billion inhabitants that continue multiplying, with all the problems that accompany population expansion, including war.

Space Renaissance USA aspires to help spread the word of the potential for the future. Through this page, and others like it, we can find common ground from which to launch that future. In addition to following through this Web site or the Facebook page Space Renaissance-USA, we urge you to join and help fund our activities by becoming dues-paying members of our group.
As part of Space Renaissance International, the U.S. chapter understands that humanity is undergoing a new Renaissance, with much “disruptive technology”, financial and cultural changes, and more! Yet the vast majority of the world’s population is oblivious to the potential of space and is resigned to a dark fate.
But we are not resigned.
Join us: USA to the Stars!

Space Renaissance International.

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To the Moon and back, and beyond

This anniversary of the first Moon landing 45 years ago cannot pass without reflecting on the possibilities and promise that lie ahead. If it seemed inconceivable 55 years ago that humans ever would walk on the Moon, why should it now seem unlikely that it will happen again? Or that we will colonize Mars, mine asteroids, draw solar energy from satellites or accomplish any of the many dreams that occupy our minds today?

SRI Takes Its ‘Space Renaissance’ to ISDC

SRI successfully took its version of the renaissance to the Space Renaissance-themed International Space Development Conference in Los Angeles.

Adriano Autino, the president of Space Renaissance International, along with Space Renaissance Italia’s artistic director, Elena Cecconi, and SRI-USA President Walter Putnam presented the organization’s case for space development in person during the event last week sponsored by the National Space Society.